The Artists

As unique as our vehicles are, as unique are the works of the artists that can be found in our showroom. With Max Wiedemann, Cocco Santamuerte and Anna van den Hövel we present three of the most talented artists of today, who could not be more different and exciting.

Max Wiedemann

With his Spraypaints VOGUE London and his series Lindsay Lohan, the artist caused a sensation in numerous exhibitions and events last year. The name Max Wiedemann has become an integral part of the art industry. Operating successfully internationally, he moved his production site back to Germany and created new series and exhibitions from there. Max Wiedemann not only feels at home on the international stage thanks to his English and German roots – his painting, screen printing and sculptures are very well received worldwide. The artist deals with current social issues such as consumption, beauty or success. With his latest series “made of” Max Wiedemann presents 3 large-format portraits: JFK, Marilyn Monroe and Steve Mc Queen. Sovereign, reduced and above all: in a nutshell. “My subjects come from the field of graffiti, that’s where my roots are, but I have connected them with the other art forms. At some point I knew we would bring our great art from the house walls to the canvas. For me, that’s the exciting thing. I love the combination of rough street art contexts, hip hop with high end fashion and luxury brands. That is pure energy. “- Max Wiedemann

Cocco Santamuerte

Hope, love or pain. The artist Cocco Santamuerte is inspired and driven by the deep human emotions, which is also reflected in his creations. The Cologne-born sprayer and street artist explores boundaries with his pictures and is constantly looking for new forms of expression. Santamuerte combines charcoal, acrylic, spray paint, varnish paint and transfer prints and at the same time skillfully incorporates set pieces from his surroundings into his art. In this way, an innovative, unconventional mixing technique is created that imprints an unmistakable stamp on each of his pictures. As modern as his art may appear at first glance, it also seems to be from a different time to a certain extent. He was not only born in the 1970s, but is considered the absolute chronicler of his generation. His pictures are off the norm, glorify the emerging punk movement and the departure from the middle class. You will find artistic expression in colorful and provocative paintings. Iconic idols like Elvis Presley or Che Guevara are part of his creations and give Cocco Santamuertes art the status of change, of protest. And then there is his stage name, based on the magical-religious figure of Santa Muerte – patron saint of criminals, that female skeleton covered by a cowl, a scythe in his hand, which also appears in his pictures in different forms. The adventurous juggling with different styles, motifs, subjects and thoughts makes him one of the most exciting artists of our time.

Anna van den Hövel

As a born cosmopolitan, Anna van den Hövel fell in love with our planet early on and set off on a journey of discovery. During her travels, she not only took mental snapshots, but captured them with the help of photographs, which now serve as a blueprint for her paintings. However, her works do not represent classic or lifelike landscape painting, but rather show the viewer an individual and unconventional perception of the world, which is connected with deep emotions of the artist. When designing her pictures, Anna van den Hövel has adopted a very special technique that creates a collage through layering and blending. Materials such as acrylic, pigments and lacquer as well as natural elements such as sand, earth and mortar are used. Her works give the viewer a new view of our planet and captivate with powerful movements and brilliant-looking color worlds that take every observer on a short journey through their big world.