SAY Yachtwerk

“Performance on water” means breathtaking acceleration and speed combined with fascinating maneuverability – and with full control. SAY yachts have a unique hull made of pure carbon. Thanks to the highly developed lightweight carbon construction, which is also used visibly for a number of details, each horsepower of the built-in motors meets minimal weight, sometimes well under three kilograms. The result: an acceleration that can otherwise only be experienced in racing.

Azimut Yachtwerk

If you want it to be less sporty, but dignified, the luxury yachts from Azimut are the right choice. Since 1969, the Italian manufacturer’s shipyard near Turin has had fantastic boats whose quality and style are valued all over the world. The company builds yachts that are between 12 and 35 meters long and equipped with a large number of extras. These yachts can also be chartered individually. We are official sales partner of Azimut Yachtwerk for Germany and Austria and offer the following models: AZIMUT 72 FLY, SAY29, SAY43